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WHO WE ARE: The ANF membership consists of a group of professionals with wide collective experience in nuclear science and technology. The ANF also has collaborative members worldwide. The ANF is not affiliated with any other organisation.

PRIMARY OBJECT: The ANF is an association of individuals formed with the purpose of advancing peaceful aspects of nuclear science and technology that the members consider to be in the national interest. All activities are agreed by consensus of the members.

POLICY PAPERS (pdf files):
  1. Nuclear Power for Australia
  2. Low-Level Radiation Dose Standards
  3. The Preservation of HIFAR
  4. Plutonium Utilisation
  5. Legal Controls of Nuclear Technology
  6. Gamma Irradiation of Food in Australia
  7. Management of Low and Intermediate Radwastes
  8. ANSTO - Time for Change
  9. Uranium Mining in Australia
  10. Australian Uranium Enhancement Industries
  11. Reactor Spent Fuel Radioactive Waste
  12. Nuclear Education in Australia

  1. Trace Elements in Australian Coals
  2. Australia's Electricity Supplies
  3. Background Radiation
  4. Primary Energy of Mineral Fuel Resources
  5. Comments on Nuclear Science Content of 'Z for Zachariah'
  6. Health Effects of Major Nuclear Power Plant Accidents
  7. Fast Neutron Reactors
  8. Chronology of the Bomb
  9. Thorium Reactors
  10. How a Nuclear Reactor Works
  11. Nuclear Fusion Power

ANF LETTERS (pdf files):
  1. to Dr Bennett GM NSW Board Studies re 7-10 Science 8/7/06
  2. to Ed Ministers & STAs re teaching nuclear science 28/4/06
  3. to NSW Premier Carr on nuclear power for NSW 3/6/05
  4. Email to ICRP on ICRP 2005 Recommendations 24/2/05
  5. to ED ANSTO Smith on CD for Schools 18/2/05
  6. Nomination of HIFAR for Heritage List 6/5/04
  7. to Sutherland Council 24/11/03
  8. to Greenhse Gas Abatement 1/9/00

OTHER ANF PAPERS (pdf files):
  1. Commentary: Rebuts to Standard Anti-Nuclear Assertions
  2. Commentary: Rebut to L. Strauss Quote 6/9/54
  3. Commentary: Rebuts to H. Caldicott Quotes 13/4/05, 12/8/05, 25/7/06, 8/8/07
  4. Commentary: Rebuts to I. Lowe Quotes 19/10/05, Pamphlet 2007, 7/9/07
  5. Commentary: Rebuts to Senator Brown Quotes 29/5/06
  6. Technical Paper: Australia's Nuclear Power Option, 7/7/06
  7. Technical Paper: Costs of Electricity Production, 7/7/06
  8. Technical Paper: CO2 Emissions Accruing from Forgone Nuclear Power Generation, 23/8/12
  9. Electricity Generation Alternatives for Australia 31/5/01
  10. ANF Submission to the Australia 2020 Summit 2/4/08
  11. Technical Paper: Renewables or Nuclear Electricity for Australia - the Costs, 28/4/12

  1. Australian Uranium Association
  2. South Australian Chamber of Mines & Energy
  3. Australian Nuclear Association
  4. Australasian Radiation Protection Society
  5. Institution of Engineers Australia
  6. Australian Institute of Energy
  7. Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering
  8. Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organsation
  9. Australian Radiation Protection And Nuclear Safety Agency
  10. Australian Safeguards and Non-Proliferation Office
  11. Melbourne Uni Nuclear Power Study Group
  12. Prof Colin Keay Books

  1. EFN, Environmentlists for Nuclear Energy
  2. SONE, Supporters of Nuclear Energy
  3. World Nuclear Association